What do Montessori professors advice parents?

Montessori is evaluated as the modern education method with outstanding features when choose children to be the center. This method was established by Maria Montessori, an Italian educator to create a revolution in educating young children in XX century.

The following advices from Mrs. Maria will provide the complete outlook for parents in educating children.

  1. Children will learn much more when exposing to surrounded nature: do not force children to learn in 4 walls with boring lessons. Create lessons from reality and surrounded nature for children, they will explore and acknowledge in the most natural way.
  2. Children will learn nothing if they are usually criticized: if they do something wrong, encourage them gently and show them what they did wrong to repair. Criticized them only make them nervous and lose the interest to acknowledge new things/
  3. Make fun of children only hurts them: even only a mock but children remember in a very long time and create deep psychological wounds.
  4. Children will judge others and think that they are number one if they are usually praised: compliment children is necessary but it cannot be too usual, this can make children presumptuous and defy others.
  5. Encourage children usually makes them have stable development in the future.
  6. Always support children, parents’ encouragements make children feel that their ideas are treasured.
  7. Children will learn to be patient if they are tolerated. Parents need to teach children how to share, to bear each other and respect people around them, therefore, when difficult situation, children can overcome and bear others.
  8. Children will become happy if they are living in a love flooding environment.
  9. Unmindful, lack of focus when children are speaking are not respect them. Therefore, parents need to always listen and answer each questions, requests of children.
  10.  Helping kids to grow up, overcome any difficulties. However, when they are old enough, parents have to let them be independent.