To understand children's world - The key to successful education of 21st century

Taking care of children in 21st century is becoming more difficult. Whatever optimistic efforts and old slogans that experienced educators know 30 years ago, taking care of children was much easier.

In a work – shop for educators at Harvard University, Jerome Kagan (1998) showed that apart from being affected by genetic and environmental view, psychologists cared about how society and culture affected the development of children.

Understand the difficulties of parents, teachers in educating children, International Pre – school Sakura Montessori has co – operate with Thai Ha Publishing House and publish the famous writing “Theories of Childhood by Carol Garhart Mooney”.

Gathering knowledge about children by excellent educators Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky “Theories of Childhood” is the book for people to practice, and also the book for colleges and professors.

“This book is built for people who working with children, who want to understand more about what children think and how to act, what to do to work with children. It begins with a discussion of interactive between theory and practice. It includes information and experiences about the work of 5 in people who have advantages in understanding children, this is the basic  information for the best practice for us in pre – school education” – Carol Garhart Mooney.

Each chapter ended with a question to discuss and recommend for further reading, the author wants people to be inquisitive in learning the connection from theory to practice and how it affects children, teachers and classes in real life.

John Dewey cares about motivate children’ abilities through demands from social situation, Montessori heightens the necessary of “preparing the environment”, Erik Erikson analyses how to approach children with love, Jean Piaget helps us understand that children establish their world based o what they do; Lev Vygotsky highly appreciates the interaction between teachers and their colleagues in promoting children’s intelligence.


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