Teaching children in Montessori Method is not difficult at home

Montessori is the method that helps children to be independent in everyday life, teachers or parents only plays the role of guiding those activities for children. According to Montessori Method, children will self – explore surrounding nature, self – notice things or activities. Thanks to that, children will become more confident in communicating with others and receive success in later life.

Parents can completely be children’s Montessori teachers at home

There are a lot of children still think that only bring children to school, they can learn in Montessori Method. However, in reality, parents themselves can be their children’s Montessori teachers.

In order to do this, parents need to prepare the following things:

To understand the method: parents need to understand what Montessori is and what roles these methods have on the development of children.

Materials: these materials are extremely important for conveying knowledge in Montessori Method, prepare the suitable materials with the lessons and smartly bring them into the lessons are very important.

Faith: have faith in the development of your kids, have faith in the method and have faith in themselves are what parents need to have if they want to educate their children in Montessori Method by themselves.

When parents become teachers

  • First of all, parents should concentrate on environment: create clean learning environment. Each expression of parents, now as teachers, has huge affections on children’s learning attitudes. Parents need to be cheerful, happy when starting lessons with children; this will help children to have interests for learning.
  • Next, MAKE CHILDREN TO FOCUS ON THE LESSONS: make children to pay attention to lessons, parents can make lesson become more interesting by adding songs, poems. Do not bring materials into the lesson when we do not know how to use.
  • Do not break the private learning time of children. Montessori Method always heightens independent, self – explore, parents or teachers are only the guidance. Therefore, when children are concentrated on lessons, do not intervene.
  • Only HELP children when they ask for it.

Therefore, you can somehow become the Montessori teacher for your own kids. Let your children learn and work even when you’re not there.

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