Teach children in a right way

90% of parents are using this way to talk to children. Let’s change!

When it’s time to eat, bowls of soup that are boiling, with the smile of the mother. However, the 2 years old child doesn’t care about it and start crying and avoid eating. As a habit, the mother said:

“Eat or the ghost will take you”

“Finish this and I will let you watch TV”

“Obey or I will hit you”.

 Have parents ever thought that the right way to teach children? What will happen to the kids if they be afraid of what you said? Or if they think that the TV is the reward for everything they do?

This method is being applied by a lot of parents on children from 2 to 6 years old. This method doesn’t have a long term effect and parents will lose the opportunity to educate children since they were small.

With Montessori Method, we teach children to see the importance of the matter.  We teach children to have responsibility with simple things. We found the method to approach children’s desires.