Senses are the best tool of intelligence

Senses are always considered tool of intelligence. Through senses, children can understand abstract activities and therefore establish knowledge about things, phenomenon in society. Learning materials of Montessori Method will concretize every abstract concept and help children expose to information in the easiest and clearest way.

Lessons about senses in Montessori Method

Lessons to improve senses in Montessori Method do not focus on too many senses in one lesson. Each lesson will be about one sense; therefore this sense can be best practiced. These lessons will be supported by materials; this will help children to acknowledge concepts such as color, shape, size, taste pitch and weight…

Experience is the first aspect in learning lessons about senses in Montessori Method. Learning process is widen from the most to the least, biggest to smallest and always ended with games because children always hope for joys in learning.

Knowledge and language are made in these lessons in the cleverest way, children receive knowledge in a natural way and they are not forced to receive this knowledge. They will learn about color, what is yellow, which shades does yellow have and lastly, teachers can bring up a game finding things that are yellow in classroom.

Meanings of lessons about senses

Lessons about senses in Montessori Method will help children to think, arrange information in their brain in a logical way, therefore when they need to use it, they can immediately remember them.

Lessons about sense also help children to keep important characteristics when they are small such as see beauty around them and enjoy true art.