Hello my dear friends,

Today we will talk about our mathematic lesson. Do you have fun learning Math? Today at StarUp Montessori International School (SMIS), we participate in activities to notice and acknowledge number 6.

Teachers guide us to review from 1 to 5, after that we learn about number 6 and find out about cardinal number, then search for matching tools, arrange and define the appropriate quality through game BANH CHUNG ARRANGEMNET and WHERE ARE YOU.

A fun and excited connection between teachers and friends in class is excellent. We have a full of laughter lesson when making groups and finding the right quality of people. In just one tune, we have to find our groups. We are very fast looking at the number and running. We are extremely happy when we find each other.

 When we finishing lesson, teachers make us sit quietly in tables and together listen to fun songs of Tet holiday, make beautiful 6 flowers to remind us of this lesson.

Join StarUp for excited lesson.


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