Life skills of children: what to do when they get lost

“Lost” means not only unable to find the way, but also when children are out of parent’s sight, control. Even when they are at home, they could get “lost” if parents do not follow them carefully.

Doors, windows, stairs without grids, banisters without barriers, kitchen without quarantine, power outlets that are near to the ground, slippery bricks, open washing – machine that children can sleep in there.

Going to the supermarket, going to parties, visiting friend’ houses, parents can easily “lose” children because they are too concentrated in conversations, they are subjective and negligent, forget to keep an eye on their kids.

From pre – school ages, children are active, love to run, explore surround environment, they can disappear in no time. These things are shown clearly when we are walking into a mall and the loudspeakers keep on notify a long list of lost child who are waiting for their parents to pick them up.

But not anywhere has that kind of support. And in the list of lost child, there are some kids who never returned to their parents.

Therefore, avoiding to be lost must be one of the first lessons for children and need to be cared about. Children need to know that, when they are lost, they don’t have to run around to find parents. They only need to stand still in one place, ask adults to call parents or ask adults to find help from people that wear uniform such as watchman, security guards, police…

Some methods that parents can use for their children to avoid being lost are:

To paste parent’s information (phone number, address…) on children’s clothes whenever they go out.

Teach their kid to remember parent’s phone number.

Put on watches that have GPS.

Parents can practice lost situation by stand in one place and see how children act to help them have better way to solve being lost problem.


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