Intelligence or personality?

Parents often hope their children to have a good study result, a good memory since they are very young. But does intelligence mean everything and if parents have to choose, what you would choose, intelligence or personality?

This is actually a very difficult question and almost every parents want to balance these two aspects. However, a recent research by Australia scientists shown that it is personality that decide the success in future study of children. The open – minded, condescending of each child are the foundation for good result in the future.

The situation in Vietnam pre – schools shows that we still heighten lessons associated with intelligence rather than lessons to develop children’s personality. The modern society need open – minded children who condescending with friends and people around them, therefore, children can develop their intelligence completely.

With modern Montessori education method, StarUp Montessori International School proud to provide a complete learning environment for children. Each hour working with foreign teachers is an hour of self – exploring, children will be expose to materials that close to everyday life, therefor children will acknowledge about the real world and have self – noticing. The way children receive knowledge is based on children’s abilities, , StarUp Montessori International School only plays the role of guidance, does not intervene in the exploring ability of children.

Whether choose intelligence or personality, parents only want the best for their children and StarUp Montessori International School honor to be the company in your children’s way to a success future.