Step 1: Access into website and select the product

Step 2: Click on the selected product, the screen will display pop up with below selection:

If you want to continue to buy product: Click on the part that continue to select more products into your basket

If you want to see the basket to update product: Click on the basket

If you want to order and pay for this product: Please click on Order and Payment

Step 3: Select payment information

If you’ve already have an account, please sign in with name is your email and your password.

If you haven’t have an account and you want to sign up please fill in your personal information to continue to sign up. When you have an account, you will easily follow your order

Step 4: Fill in your information to received order, select payment method and transport order.

Step 5: Check order information, fill in note and send order

After receiving your order, we will contact by calling your phone to confirm your order and address.