Service Provision

When you access into our website means that you agree with these terms. This website has the rights to change, edit, add and omit any parts in Regulation and Using Condition, at any time. The changes have validity right after posted on web without announcement. And when you continue to use the web, after the changes in regulation and using condition are posted, this means that you accept those changes.

Please check regularly to be updated with our changes.

  1. Guidance to use the web

- When access into our web, users have to be at least 18 years old or access under the supervision of parents or the legal guardian.

- We will provide using permission for you to be able to do online shopping on the web under the regulation and using condition.

- Strictly banned on using any parts of this web with marketing purposes or in the name of any third party if we are not allow through documents. If you violate any regulations, we will cancel your permission without any notice.

- This web is only used to provide product’s information and we are not the producer, therefore, the reviews in the web are personal ideals of customers, not ours.

- You have to sign up account with right personal information and have to update if there are any changes. Each users has to have responsible for the password, account and activities on the web. Moreover, you have to notice us if there are any unauthorized access into your account. We will not take any responsible, whether direct or indirect, for any damages or loses caused by your violation of the rules.

- During the sign up time, you are agreed to receive promoting email from this website. After that, if you do not want to receive email anymore, you can refuse by clicking the link below any promoting email.

2. Acceptance of order and price

- We have the right to refuse or cancel your order for any reasons at any time. We may ask for your phone number and address before you receive the order.

- We commit that we will provide the exactly information of the price for customers. However, sometimes there are errors, for example the product’s prices do not display accurately on the web or wrong price, depended on each condition we will contact you to guide or announce to cancel the order for you. We have the rights to refuse or cancel any orders whether those are confirmed or paid.

3. Brand and Copyright

- Any intellectual property rights, information contents and all designs, documents, graphics, software, images, videos, music, sounds, program’s compile, source code, basic software are our properties. All the contents of this web are protected by the copyright law of Vietnam and international convention. The copyright is reserved.

4. Legal rights

- The terms, clauses and the contents of this web are adjusted by the law of Vietnam and Court of Vietnam will deal with any conflicts composed by unauthorized use of this web.

5. Security regulations

- Our web respects the protection of information and use best methods to protect your information and payment. Your information during the payment method will be encoded to ensure security. After you complete your order, you will be exited from safety mode.

- You are not allow to use any programs, tools or ways to intervene into the system or change data structure. This web also strictly bans on distributing, spreading or encouraging any activities to sabotage or break into data of system. Individuals or organizations that violate the regulations will be taken away any advantages and prosecute before the law if necessary.

6. Change, cancel transaction on website

In all conditions, you have the right to end the transaction if you have taken these below measures:

- Notice us about the cancel of transaction through hotline 04.6674.2332

- Return the received products without using or received any advantages from those products (according to the regulations of changing, returning delivery policy).