Physical education program

Things parents need to know about physical intelligence

When mentioning intelligence, parents often think about math intelligence, logical intelligence. However, it is one of eight intelligences. In that eight intelligences, physical intelligence aren’t usually cared about but it has massive role with children’s health.

Kids own this intelligence, have good sense of balance and good co-ordinate betwwen eyes and hands. They have interests in walking, dancing, camping, swimming. In learning and playing, kids want their bodies to work instead of just read and listen to guidance or sit in a place for too long.

Let children expose to physical activities will help to find strong points and weaknesses of children, therefore we can have ways to help them uphold or overcome in order for children to develop completely in physic and mental.

In StarUp, we care about develop physical intelligence. Our physical education program established by Vietnam and foreign professors, through lessons such as Yoga, Gym will help children develop physically, form patience, endurance, courage and overcome difficulties.



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