Thank you so much for your interests and access into this website. We respect and commit that your private information will be safe with us.

Privacy Policy will explain how we receive, use and (in some cases) reveal your private information.

Protecting your private information and gaining customers’ trust are important matter with us. Therefore, we will use name and associated information based on the content of Privacy Policy. We will only collect the necessary information that associated with trading transaction.

We will keep your information in the period of time that the law allow or for some purposes. You can access into the website without providing your private information. At that time, you are remain anonymous and we cannot know who you are if you are not sign in your account.

1.      Collect personal information

- We collect, storage and deal with your information for trading process and announcement associated with the order, and to provide service, include some personal information: nickname, name, sex, date of birth, email, address, delivery address, phone number, fax, payment method.

- We will use the information that you have given to deal with the order, provide service and information through the website and your requests.

- Moreover, we will use that information to manage your account, verify and make online transaction, identify people accessing into the web, do research about demography, and send information about the product and service. If you don’t want to receive any promoting information, you can refuse whenever you want.

- We can provide your name and address for the third party so that they can deliver the product (for example the express or the providing company)

- The details of your order are kept but for privacy reasons, we will not public them. However, the customers can access to that information by sign in your accounts. You can see the details of the orders, products that you have received, products that have been sent, the details of your email, banking.

- You have to keep your information safe and cannot reveal for the third wheel. We donot take any responsible for your wrong password if that not our fault.

- We can use your information to do market research. All the details information will be anonymous and only use for statistics. You can refuse to be involved whenever you want.

2. Security

- We have suitable technical and security measure to prevent not allowed accesses or against the law ones or loses and damages of your information.

- We advice that you should not provide information about payment with anyone through of email, we will not take responsible about your loses that you may get by revealing information through internet or email.

- You absolutely should not use any programs, tools or measures to access into the system or change the information system. Strictly banned on spreading, encouraging any activities that intervene, and sabotage or break into the data of website. Any violations will be taken any advantages and also indicted before the law if necessary.

- Any information of the transaction will be confidential but in case that law agencies request, we will have to provide those information for them.

The conditions and terms of this website are adjusted by the law of Vietnam and The Court of Law of Vietnam has the rights to do judgment.

3.      Customers’ rights

- You have the right to access into your personal information, have to rights to request changing the faults in your data without causing any fee. Whenever you want, you can request us stop using your personal information for marketing purposes.