5 golden rules when teaching children by Montessori Method

Learning in any methods has its own rules. And Montessori is not an exception.

SIMPLE is the best

Always remember that you are teaching small kids, they cannot received too much knowledge at the same time or over complicated one. With children, simple is better. You will have to explain a lot of things because they will not stop asking question why? At that time, you need to think about the simplest words, easiest to understand to explain to them. Do not make them even more confuse after hearing your explanatory.

 STAY CALM when teaching children

There are a lot of parents who angry and lose control when teaching children. That is normal emotion of adult when teaching kids. However, you need to stay calm and control your temper. Do not yell at children when you talk over and over again but children do not understand and being inattentive during the lesson. First of all, attract children’s attention. Be patient and wait. Do not rush when teaching kids. The simplest is the lesson of clean toys after finish playing. Even if parents yell at children, they do not clean their toys. Then parents clean the toys by themselves, but this is the wrong way of teaching, children will be depended and you will never fix children’s tidiness. You should clean with them or clean some of the toys first. Therefore, children will come and help their parents. Time after time you will shape your kids.

Make children to STAY FOCUS

Children are very active, they are always playing therefore, when teaching kids, and you have to attract their focus first. At the same time, when children are focusing on doing somethings, parents have to notice and avoid interruption on what children are doing.


This rule emphasize on letting children receive knowledge from practice rather than theory or an affected learning environment and not get in touch with nature.